Minecraft Mods: Still Hungry

Minecraft Mods: Still Hungry

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Visit MinecraftEn.com and discover what Minecraft Mods: Still Hungry has! It is the mod that gives you tons of new dishes. There are three extra crops for you to grow. And some tools for your cooking.


A stove will help your work convenient. Use it with the new frying pan.

StillHungry2 StillHungry3


But this pan needs fuel to allow you to cook some certain food like lamb steak or taco shells.


If you worry about carrying all this food around, you can use a lunchbox. It can contain six of cooked delicious dishes.


Minecraft Still Hungry also has strange new features. Squids meat will be cooked, and you can make burgers, mugs, flour, jam, fries, oil, and much more. Check out the developer’s forum link to see the full list of recipes and items.


Minecraft Mods: Still Hungry gives you different fence types.


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