Minecraft Mods: Garden Stuff

Minecraft Mods: Garden Stuff

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Garden Stuff in Minecraft Mods is the exciting part in which you will experience the feeling of a farmer. Now, you have the pots to plant, protect it by the fences, and one of the most important works you need to do is to fertilize your land. Make it better and effort to get the best result.

Minecraft Mods: Garden Stuff

You can dig and plow the soil. Turn it become porous by caring and fertilizing regularly. Or you can do this mission with a compost bin. It helps your work easier and increases the harvested products.


There are three different types of the pot in Garden Stuff. Use the colored clays to craft them or pick wood, brick, or the solid materials to create the boxes that are attacked on the walls. You will have many choices for the plants and the place.


Trowel allows you to arrange flowers. Put them side by side into the pots and these flowers will combine with the same soil. This feature also places the large pots in the easy way.


In Garden Stuff, there are many beautiful kinds of gate and lattices now to prevent others entering.


GardenStuff5 GardenStuff6

The stained glass lanterns can be hanged everywhere. Prepare to light up your garden!


With this Minecraft Mods, you are free to design your fence with the flower pots to make your garden amazing.


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