Minecraft Beta 1.8.1

Minecraft Beta 1.8.1

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Get your Minecraft download beta for free now to vanquish an adventure awaiting you ahead! Minecraft Beta version 1.8.1 was already launched worldwide with the purpose of addressing some bugs as well as crashes in the previous version. Minecraft Beta is a popular kind of Minecraft game, and it’s totally downloadable. You will experience some new changes in this version 1.8.1, as well as discover some new additions, new content, with other aspects in the game. A fan of Minecraft should hold a better grasp of all Beta versions so you can catch up with all new in-game updates.

The version 1.8.1 was released on September 19, 2011. The protocol version is [17], with several other editions of  1.8.1. You can totally download the client Minecraft Beta version 1.8.1.


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