Minecraft Alpha v1.2.6

Minecraft Alpha v1.2.6

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Alpha version 1.2.6

You can finally download Minecraft for free! Minecraft Alpha version 1.2.6 is a popular kind of Minecraft Alpha that was already released worldwide to introduce new additions, changes, and some awesome bug fixes to all players who are the big fans of Minecraft game. The version 1.2.6 belongs to the Alpha development phase, and it’s easily downloadable. All of the new features, as well as alterations, promise to make the Minecraft world more engaging. Also, players can earn themselves a better gaming experience once joining. Explore it now!

The Alpha version 1.2.6 comes out with the server version 0.2.8, officially launched on December 3, 2010, together with the protocol version 6. Players can download client Alpha version 1.2.6 easily.


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